ZIL-BTC Long Trade Plan

Commodity : ZILLIQA
Trade Type : LONG
Trading Against : BITCOIN

Entries : Double-UP Entries throughout the Buy Zone
Profit Taking : 25% at each TP point
Profit Locking : Move SL to break even once TP1 is hit, to TP1 once TP2 hits, to TP2 once TP3 hits and so on
Duration – 1-4 weeks

Investment in trade : 15% of the total Trading Balance.
Prospective Profit : 5% to 14%
Prospective Loss : 3%
RRR : SL to TP1 is 1.6, SL to TP2 is 2.5 , SL to TP3 is 3.3 and SL to TP4 is 4.6

Buy Zone/TPs/SL price points are marked in the chart as follows
Greens – Profit Targets (TPs)
Blue – Buy Zone (Entries)
Red – Stop Loss (SL)

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