UPDATE to my previous HOT TA Idea

This is an update to my previous TA post on HOT.

As you can see from the picture, the first hot pump took 11 days to reach it’s peak, 22 days on its second run… Maybe 33 days on it’s third run? (till the middle of November)
The top trend line which can be drawn connecting the peaks can help us to identify the potential level it could reach on it’s next run which we can see as around 90 to 94 satoshi.
Lots of accumulation has been going on with HOT, we also have a positive MACD crossing on the weekly for the first time since March 2019.
On the daily, we have the 20MA and 50MA both looking to cross over the 100MA next week with the 200MA currently sitting at 16 sats resistance.

I’m expecting big moves from HOT starting next week.

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