TNY resistance levels & potential price target.

Well, here is a chart I’ve done up on TNY real quick to take a look at the resistance levels & how high of a price increase Tinley appreciated previously with what volume .

I’m not the best chart guy so I’ll just give my thoughts & anyone else can obviously chime in.

Also, now that edibles regulations & U.S legalization via “states act” or “federaly” is approaching there will be more institutional money entering this space that can cause Black Swan events that nobody can 100% predict, so that always plays into effect.

From September 26th 2016 until Nov 7th 2016 Tinley seen a 10x increase when volume picked up. Not sure on the exact volume over that period but some else can look if they are curious.

From Oct 27th 2017 until Dec 25th 2017 Tinly seen a 6x increase when volume picked up. Once again, not sure on the exact volume but someone cal look if they’re curious.

If 43c was the bottom & now Tinley is going to get some momentuem & start a bull trend on increased volume with the above known catalyst & co-packing agreements or partnerships etc, then it wouldn’t be far fetched to see at least a 4x to 7x increase in the sp this year. A 4x increase would be $2.40 & a 7x increase would be $4.20!

$4.20 sounds good to me, lolzzzzz.

In this chart you can see some or most of the resistance levels we will have to break through to get there. Not much resistance between 85c to 1.10. Also, not much resistance between 1.10 to 1.75ish.

Time will tell per usual.


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