Ripple will do an intermediate move soon

XRPBTC is falling as I predicted here:

Now, many are waiting for the big ripple breakout.
When will XRP finally start to follow BTC?

Well, if we look at the volume profile and the big falling ( bullish ) wedge ,
we see that there are basically two very important support zones.

The 1st one is reight now at this very level, at 2900 sats .
If we don’t get a strong bounce here, I think XRPBTC will further decline to the next very strong support are, which is historic support.
The falling wedge would thus end in early 2020 at around 1000-1300 sats , which is very strong support.

I think that then we will finally see XRP rallying. The likelihood for a strong rally now is quite low imho, but not impossible.
We might get a smaller intermediate rallly up the the resistance of the falling wedge though. But breaking through that resistance: Not too likely imho.

But longterm, 2020, XRP will be pretty awesome.

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