Nuran Wireless Possible Falling Wedge Bullish Reversal

Based on the expected catalysts and my obvious long bias here’s how I see the TA. Although the stock is currently in a well defined down trend there are a few items that make this setup more bullish then it looks on the surface. The falling wedge pattern is arguably a solid bullish reversal pattern and I think this chart currently fits the mold. We have got our reaction highs and reaction lows to form a contracting down sloping wedge . The selling pressure is really falling off shown in the declining volume profile , even though it seems that the SP could fall off a cliff at any minute. This feeling of ultimate doom is quite evident if you look at the surface of the L2 quote as it would seem that one big sell order will take the SP to 0. It is opportunities like this that can provide the best entries. All this being said this by no means makes it a guarantee that the wedge will break to the upside so there are a few key downside items to watch for. Don’t let a bullish bias cloud your judgement but in my opinion the fundamentals write a story that confirms that the probability of a bullish break of the wedge is higher then a bearish break. If the share price cannot hold the 0.08 level on a sustained closing basis I would not want to be in the trade and would wait for a clearer picture to come to light. Sellers are drying up but we really need to see a sustained expansion of volume leading up to and on the breakout to validate the pattern.

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