Inverse Head and Shoulders on ADABTC

This is another take on ADABTC . Please check out my last analysis on ADABTC for more info. We have an inverse head and shoulder formation which could be about to break. I imagine we would go up to at least 1500 sats but possibly much higher. If this is a bottom for ADABTC then ADA could go parabolic and could easily double from where it is currently. But it’s too soon to tell.

Right now I’m watching this inverse H&S . If it fails to break here then I’ll be looking for a retest of the low trendline at 1150 and then maybe another attempt to get above 1300. We’re above all major moving averages right now which is significant. This could certainly be a bottom for ADABTC .

I do technical analysis as a hobby. I like to learn more about markets and share my ideas with other people. But when it comes to real trading decisions I trust my trading algorithms more than my chart analysis. See my signature for more info.

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