Failed Pump and Dump Results in Flash Crash

I think YOYOBTC was a candidate for a pump and dump. In the two months prior, YOYO had been pumped almost exactly 50% on two separate occasions before losing its new value. On Monday this week YOYO climbed and fell 20% during US business hours which I think this was accumulation. Thursday came around and at 4pm EST the pumpers were ready to send the market into a frenzy. But the market tanked 90% instead, recovering instantly. I think the pumpers pressed the wrong key and market sold instead of market buying lol. From what I can tell they sold the entire Binance order book out. The next day, the machinery of the pump was too late to stop, and the pump ran 20% in 3 hours. But having no coins and no incentive to continue driving the price higher, it fizzled again.

I don’t know if this is true or not, but man I hope some idiot scammer got rekt.

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