Good evening from the UK. Again thanks for all the follows on Instagram @travis_duncz & views on Tradingview.

Now what do I see. keeping this one quite brief Price has dropped beneath my weekly trend line on 31 December which was a third trend line touch and break as you know we expected and saw a retest on 01 march, showing 2 months of uptrend momentum the weekly closure is a lower high showing a possible lack in buyer strength.

On this daily time frame my lower uptrend white trend line has a false break and is due to be retested and smashed straight through over the next week i predict with indecisiveness in the market on Fridays closure you need to be looking for bearish signals from candle stick formation on Monday/Tuesday to commence the epic 280 pip fall. Fridays dog has formed on the 61% golden ratio fibonacci retracement level also a key reversal confluence.

Day trading you could see my turquoise key level around 125.40 as a first target followed by a trend line break to my horizontal blue line monthly key level. Then the fib extension at 123.414


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