Don’t Miss Again: Trend Following Pattern Predicted EOSUSD Pump

This education idea is about “Trend Following Pattern” using “9 Seasons Rainbow Indicator PRO”.
This time, it serves as a BottomFinder perfectly.
Yesterday, just before the Dogi, 9 Seasons Rainbow Indicator PRO alerted “Time to Long”, because a “Trend Following Pattern” had formed:
OverSold(Blue) in multiple time frames: 15m, 21m,30m 84m, 2H – meaning strong support and the adjustment might completed.
Bear(Red) in 170m, 4H, 339m, 8H: – meaning the medium time frames is Bear Context
BullRest(Light Green) in 11H, 16H, 23H – meaning the big time frames is Bull Context -(need to check the last two on 30m)

Summary: On big time frames Bull Context, medium time frames adjustment almost completes, so it is a good time to follow big time frames’ Bull Trend.

Some similar Instances for EOSUSD that Trend Following Pattern applied: – Please Scroll the chart to See
20190312 06:30
20190311 19:00 (Oversold-Blue in One Level is a bit weak)
20190304 16:00
20190302 22:00 (Oversold-Blue in One Level is a bit weak)
20190227 04:00

What did it serve the last time? A TopFinder and Dump predictor: “Why Do People Ignore the Foot Steps of a Huge Bear?”

This is only a personal opinion and does NOT serve as investing NOR trading advice.
Please make their own decisions, carefully assess risks and be responsible for your own investing and trading activities.

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