DJI Situation end of 15.3.2019 LONG

Hello everyone who is watching my charts.

Here is the update to the end of today’s DJI trading day

The situation remains unchanged.

What should we pay attention to on Monday?

We now have 2 long trend lines
the one in the steep Long channel I have marked blue.

But I’m afraid this steep uptrend will not last long.

But below that we have an interesting 2nd new long trend line which has developed the last few days and which I marked red.

This trendline seems to me to be the more important in the longer term,

As long as they do not break the situation continues long.

First a break of this red line puts the Long Setup in a neutral setup.

Underneath there is an important support in the area 25550 which I marked black.

If it breaks we are in Short Terrain.

But at least there is no sign of this level tonight.

–This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only .Alllways do your own research—

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