Bulls testing the 4k threshold

Open Interest – Long: 1.91 Days
Open Interest – Short: 1.87 Days
RSI: Hidden Bullish (1D)
OBV: Flat
VOL: Flat

Price Action: After a volatile explosion of volume saw sharp tests of both the $4000 resistance and the short term trending support; activity reset a little. The current daily has given a strong indication as the week closes out and has even shifted the 1W candle back to teasing green. The RR currently supports the bulls; however without another pullback away from the 4k resistance it is better to wait out the break and retest for any entries.

Key Resistance: 4000, 4200, 4350, 4725 (26w MA)
Key Support: 3939 (28D MA), 3822 (13w MA), 3800, 3650

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