Bullish Signal, A Fake Breakout?

One bar breakthrough 3 major average line (5 days, 10 days, and 20 days) is a BULLISH SIGNAL.
+Price up and volume increased is a BULLISH SIGNAL, too.
+10 days moving average cross over 20 days moving average is another BULLISH SIGNAL.
+3 times test the down side 40 days average, the bear fail to break it down adding BULLISH POWER.

The bullish get 4+ Signal.

Is it a FAKE ONE? Or a real one Bullish trend?

This trend is much similar with Euro dollar exchange for Canadian Dollar’s development.

The Ethereum Price might be come back to test 240 hours and 480 hours simple moving average . (Green Zone)
If it hold, then will challenge the above resistance (Red Zone)
If is can not hold, then it might be a Fake Breakthrough.

Our Bias is Bullish .

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