BTCUSD 4HR LONG BUT BARS to fishing stopps out

BTCUSD is on the long track again
as you can see that on the climbing above my blue (well known…)
trendline .

I didnt exspect that as first option, but it has happen.

I am still thinking that BTCUSD is a market where big players
do what they want to fishing up stopps here.

Please check these 3 bars i have marked

Price extensions in 4 Hours of more than:





In which other market you are able see those bars ?

I am shure in no future market

Only if you have a market crash like 2008, and i am shure
we havent here at the monent a crash like that. 3 times in raw….

So if you trade this market be aware of these stopp fishing.

So your stopp loss level ( if you have one ) must be

5% away fom the market (minimum)

I dont know how many dollars these 5% stopp loss level is in everyones position
but if you trade bigger positions it can ruin you in a few hours if you are
on the wrong side.

So think about that to save your capital

Don’t forget to like if you appreciate it….

My ideas are not a recommendation to buy or sell.
Everyone has to do their own research

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