BTC Analysis March 16 | Trade updates

Good Morning folks,
Background: I’m a graduate from Purdue University. I’ve been trading and investing in the equity markets since 2007/2008. I traded out of my Dad’s account when I was younger and lost him a bunch of money. After this, I wanted to help get his money back + learn how to trade by myself. After losing money myself, learning lessons, reading tons of books, watching thousands of hours of charting, videos, CNBC, understanding market psychology, I finally am capable of providing sound and unbiased analysis. I learn and make mistakes everyday like most folks, except that I don’t lose money anymore- at least not as often as most. The crypto space to me was very fascinating as I learned Cryptography in college and Bitcoin in 2012. I started trading BTC and crypto in late 2016. And I’m still here 🙂 The volatility and the potential ceiling of a nascent industry really intrigues me so I trade it and I do my best to help others understand how to trade assets.
Rule #1: Don’t trade off emotions,
Rule #2: Don’t marry any project fundamentals just yet

We’ve got a healthy break of $3900 few hours ago. I’ve mentioned in my previous analysis why I believed that a healthy retrace was necessary and that the higher time frames + price action was on the bulls’ side to keep moving up. I’ve provided plenty of trades for free to TV and my community. Please read updates below and hope you enjoy my analysis.

Next steps:
-Break psychological resistance at $4000
-Test supply at $4100; if rejected, close no lower than $3910 and test prev. resistance as support and test $4100 again
-If $4100 is broken test the massive supply at $4400-4500. This is where a lot of sellers are sitting, in my opinion.

Hope you enjoy my analysis.

***Message me on TradingView if you want to learn technical analysis , how I trade, and how I do my analysis. I’m always free to chat and help.


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