BNB/USDT Bullish or Bearish?

Hello Friends,

Since my last TA, we saw a bullish move but not according to the plans pattern. As a bullish pennant we failed to reach the target and instead had created a symmetrical triangle or a double top. We have much resistance at the $15.50 to $15.40 level which has created a possible double top pattern, however the entire move since the pole has also shown a symmetrical triangle. At this point it is hard to say which way we will go. If as a double top we are certain to hit a low as indicated on the chart but if a symmetrical triangle, we are headed towards a new high or a low as indicated on this chart. The question remains, should I buy/sell? or just wait to see what happens? Well if I was me, (“WAIT, I am me”) ; I would buy now and set a stop loss that is tolerable or wait and see where the daily RSI takes us. I also would pray to the old gods and the new, and then ask Queen Daenerys if she has any inside information on what I should do: after all she is hot and connected and surely has all the answers, right? 😛

Details on the chart.

This is my viewpoint and my opinion. I am not giving advice but only sharing what I see. Do not enter a trade on my TA but do your own homework.

Cryptocurrency is volatile and very risky. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose and always educate yourself and continue to do so when making any kind of investment.

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CYA on the next one…until then, the trend is your friend. Buying on the dip and selling on the hype.


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