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2019. 03. 17 ( KST )

Hello this is Kun 🙂

Today, I’m going to write down my thoughts about the mid-term progress.
You may think that this medium-term idea is not important because you think it’s important to respond to the chart, but I think it’s still meaningful.

Well, let’s get started.


First of all, I think in the short term, prices will follow the shape of the curve I drew.

So I’m looking forward to reaching 4096$.

If the price reaches the interval I checked, perhaps the price adjustment will begin.
Because the range of detailed prices will vary depending on the progress, we can only estimate the approximate range so far.
I want you to refer to the middle-sized curve.

And in my view that it’s going to be this way in the future, I think it’s going to be a inflection point between 4500 and 4800 dollars.

And in my personal opinion, if it goes like that, I think I’ll end up seeing 2k.


Of course, the mid-term perspective can change as much as possible as the situation changes.
However, I think this will be the way it is based on the progress so far.

As things change, we may judge that we can rise without looking at 2k. But based on the flow that I’ve felt so far, I think this is what I think.


I wrote down my thoughts and I think I’ll have to wait and see. I hope we all have a good trading.

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