Heyyyyy friends ….

Today an easy game for long view :

– Ignore bubble
– Got 2 parallels
– Say abracadabra !

Why no one notice this
Stop read news, every time try to invite you in the way they want !
Ok i continu to think Buyers are weak, and futures make it hard . Confirmed than they cant push on a long long term bevel breakout, we will see at end of week if we close over the cloud, market maker will try again to red candle.
You cant have a stop on a so low level ,that why they win and they are raping you from month because you have stop , because most of people continu to have stop setup -> in fact to sell ! how can you sell at this price ??? they sell at credit !!! its so easy to counter that

May be we’ll have an other bubble someday , but lower chance than before.

takecare and invest in new nice project post blockchain , not btc
kiss kiss


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