$AGHI Add AGHI to the top of your watchlist, Huge potential

We ask that you please turn your immediate attention to AGHI (Agora Holdings Inc.).
A quick look at AGHI’s 6-Month chart shows on multiple occasions this ticker rising over 100% in share price within 3 trading sessions.

For example:

On 11/2/18, AGHI opened at a price of $.13. It promptly hit a high of $.30 the next day for a 130% two-day gain!

On 1/7/19, AGHI opened at $.1115. The following day, it hit a high of $.235. for a 110% two-day gain!

On 3/6/19, AGHI opened at $.0769. By 3/8, AGHI leaped to a high of $.1705 for a three-day gain of 121%!

AGHI is now once again in the buy-zone, and we are feeling confident that the next triple digit move could take place in the very near future.

The last time we brought AGHI to your attention, shares nearly doubled within two-weeks time.

Don’t risk the chance of missing out on AGHI’s next triple-digit rally.

Start your research now, and consider building a position in AGHI this morning at 9:30AM EST!

About Agora Holdings Inc.

Agora Holdings Inc., together with its subsidiary Geegle Media and affiliates, is presently an entertainment and media enterprise. Agora Holdings Inc. brings together media and technology, driving innovation to enhance online entertainment in five business segments: media networks, TV, studio entertainment, consumer products and interactive media. Agora is seeking to expand its portfolio to include dynamic and interactive web-based networking platforms for global implementation.

About Esilkroad Network Limited and subsidiaries

Esilkroad Network Limited and its subsidiary, eSilkroad of Ukraine, is a conceptual B2B platform that intends to make the interaction between businesses and non-profit organizations throughout the world faster, more effective, and less costly. eSilknet, the web-based platform under development by eSilkroad Network Limited will allow users to search for and communicate with business partners, search for and post proposals for investment and opportunity in developing projects globally, place advertisements for products and services, communicate securely on trade and project development and attract professional services for specific project-based needs. The concept of eSilknet is in line with the original concept of the “Silkroad”, facilitating trade and commerce between countries, only on a global scale. Subsequent to the successful launch of our banner platform, “eSilknet” the Company plans to launch “eSilkart”, an international online marketplace for the purchase, license, rental and trade of intellectual property, art and cultural objects for all member countries. Our final project expansion will be the launch of complementary platform, “eSilktrade”, a commercial platform allowing all users registered on eSilknet and eSilkart to enter the international marketplace within the “eSilkroad”. The proposed add-on site will facilitate auctions and competitive bid tenders, contracts between clients, and e-payments for goods and services, including customs formalities and freight/transport logistics. http://www.esilknet.com

Social media is a massive part of people’s lives and society’s culture.

This has forced businesses to rethink the way they connect with other businesses.

While consumer driven platforms like Twitter , Instagram and Facebook continue to dominate the landscape, the platforms available for B2B (business-to-business) are more fragmented.

Unlike consumer facing brands, businesses that cater to B2B have multiple complexities, whether its trying to find partners, vendors or business clients.

Doing that on consumer facing platforms that are simply not built for the needs of B2B and where there is too much noise is not practical.

As studies explain, “B2B buyers want and need personalized onsite experiences, prices and portals to accommodate the additional complexities that accompany their sales process.”

This requires B2B companies to setup multiple websites, on different platforms, resulting in less efficiencies.

Even LinkedIn , which Microsoft paid $26.2 billion for, doesn’t fully solve the complexities associated with B2B needs.

This creates a potential opportunity for companies like AGHI .

AGHI is the holding company of “eSilknet” which “is a b-2-b social network”.

Through eSilknet, AGHI aims provides the following benefits to its business users:

“search for and communicate with business partners”
“search for and post proposals for investment and opportunity in developing projects globally”
“place advertisements for products and services”,
“communicate securely on trade and project development and attract professional services for specific project-based needs”.
Software Development


Geegle Media’s project management is a value-driven approach that allows the company to deliver high-priority, high-quality work and look like rock stars to their stakeholders. Its nothing like the plodding, costly and error-prone approach to project management, which has delivered inconsistent results for years.

Software projects change constantly. When customers are expected to finalize requirements before they can test-drive the prototypes, overhead and long delays often cripple the project. Geegle Media Management is about embracing change, even late in the development stage. It’s about delivering the features with the greatest business value first, and having the real-time information to tightly manage cost, time and scope.

Geegle Media Project Management reduces complexity by breaking down the many-months-long cycle of building requirements for the whole project, building the entire product and then testing to find hundreds of product flaws. Instead small, usable segments of the software product are specified, developed and tested in manageable, two- to four-week cycles.

Social Media/Marketing


Takes Your social media campaigns to the next level!

Frame gives You full control over Your social media campaigns

Login using Facebook Login using Twitter Login using Instagram
Manage all of Your social media channels in one place

Schedule your posts for the right time
Prepare your posts and prepare their share in the future.
Save time and efforts.
Publish posts on all social accounts you need.
Generate professional infographic reports

Use their analytic tools to generate professional presentations for social media performance in special designed templates
Follow your best friends more intensive

Follow what your social media friends upload and choose what posts to see

Recent Developments

Agora Holdings Inc. Subsidiary, eSilkroad Network Limited, Enters Into Contract With Sannacode to Complete Programming on Its eSilknet Platform

TORONTO, ON, Feb. 26, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — Agora Holdings Inc. (OTC PINK: AGHI ) (the “Company”) today announced that its controlled subsidiary, eSilkroad Network Limited (“ESR”) of Hong Kong, has completed prototype testing and focus groups during January and early February 2019, whereby over 300 corporations were exposed to our landing page prototypes. With testing complete, ESR has retained Sannacode (https://sannacode.com/) to conclude programming of our final platform. Sannacode is a multi-disciplinary company that specializes in web design and development.

Sannacode designs, develops, tests and maintains digital products ranging from web, mobile, games and wearable technologies. Headquartered in Kiev, Sannacode works with companies in every continent around the world. Their management team reflects the talent and focus to bring clarity to corporate visions including creating customized solutions for ESR. The Sannacode team offers a combined 30 years of experience in design, development and testing.

ESR President Oleg Sytnyk commented, “We are extremely excited to be working with Sannacode to complete the final phase of our platform development. Their firm is uniquely qualified to deliver the high level of functionality and design we wish to present in our final commercial site.”

You will also be happy to know, that AGHI has signed some impressive contracts over the past few month’s, which has us bullish for 2019
AGHI Subsidiary, eSilkroad Network Limited, Enters Into Contract With Sannacode to Complete Programming on Its eSilknet Platform
AGHI Subsidiary, eSilkroad Network Limited, Enters Into Formal Term Sheet With Tianjin Eastraise Business Technology Co., Ltd Securing Its First Strategic Partner in Mainland China
Market Outlook:

The social media market has been hot for the past few years. Companies have realized social media could be one of the main drivers of growth. However, with the Facebook scandal, it’s opened the market up for new competitors to join in on the action.

According to Research and Markets, B2B e-commerce sales are forecast to be over two times higher than global online retail sales. That said, there is immense growth potential in the market.

A report from Forrester Research in 2017 estimated business-to-business ( B2B ) ecommerce transactions would reach $1.2 trillion by 2021.

Frost & Sullivan has even loftier expectations with B2B ecommerce hitting $6.6 trillion by 2020.

Over 400,000 organizations are already shopping on Amazon Business with B2B .

The Bottom Line

As we enthusiastically stated above, AGHI has a well recorded history of breaking out big from these exact levels..

The last time AGHI was trading at these levels, the stock reversed hard from $0.08, all the way to a high of of $0.17.

All you have to do is pull up AGHI’s 6-month chart, to realize that this is the smart time to start building a position.
That being said, we ask that all members start their research on AGHI immediately, and consider building a position this morning at 9:30AM EST

(*Remember to use a Stop-Loss Order or basic Limit Order to protect your gains, as well as limit possible losses.)

Best Regards,

The TopMarketGainers Team

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