15 or 16 Bottom. Mon March 25th is my breakout day!

We had volume defending the bottom of the wedge . But it’s subsequently faded away. This has created a bit of a divergence on the stoch . And I just don’t think we’re quite ready to breakout on Monday 18th March.

I think we need one more week. To bust a few stops. But not quite go all the way down to the buy support at the 786 fib level (12-13 sats ). Somewhere in the middle creates the maximum amount of uncertainty. So approx 16 i’d say.

And on the STOCH , you could easily form an inverted head and shoulders . For which, we would cross the neckline (up) on March 24th/25th. This would coincide with breaching the top of the falling wedge on the same time. Creating a double breakout for extra power.

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